P. K. Ajith Kumar

‘Ayussinte Pusthakam’ is undoubtedly one of the finest novels ever written in Malayalam. C.V. Balakrishnan’s masterpiece is celebrating its silver jubilee this year.

A dramatisation of the novel, directed by Suveeran, will be the highlight of the fourth Surasu Drama Festival, which opens at the Town Hall in Kozhikode on Friday.

Seven other plays will be staged at the festival. “We actually wanted to include more plays, but because of lack of funds, we had to reluctantly drop four dramas, including ‘Mathilukal,” says V.R. Sudheesh, chairman of the festival. “It is very difficult to raise funds for a festival of plays.”

He is, however, confident that the plays will be staged before large audiences. “Kozhikode has always loved theatre.” True. The Town Hall was packed for most of the plays last year.

This year’s festival is also a tribute to K.T. Mohammed, the master playwright who died recently. Besides the staging of his masterpiece Ithu Bhoomiyanu, by Kalinga, Kozhikode, there would be a series of lectures on him. The festival will conclude on May 13.

The schedule is as follows: May 9: Inauguration by C.V. Balakrishnan and music programme of songs from plays by Children’s Sunday Theatre, 6.30 p.m; ‘Ayussinte Pusthakam’ (Ravi Varma Kalanilayam, Payyannur); May 10: ‘Bhoma’ (Jose Chirammal Smaraka Samithi, Thrissur), 6.30 p.m.; ‘Ivan Swayam Oru Pusthakam’ (Cherpu Nattarangu), 8.30 p.m.; May 11: ‘Ithu Bhoomiyanu’ (Kalinga, Kozhikode), 6.30 p.m.; May 12: ‘Factory’ (Ajayan Kalavedi, Kozhikode), 6.30 p.m.; ‘Kalippatta’ (Children’s Sunday Theatre, Kozhikode), 7.30 p.m.; May 13: ‘Pravachaka’ (Nireekshaka, Thiruvananthapuram), 6.30 p.m.; ‘Violentavunna Valu’ (Sadgamaya, Kozhikode), 8.30 p.m.

P.K. Ajith Kumar