Jumping of signals, over-speeding, illegal parking and other traffic violations are on the rise in the Kowdiar-Vellayambalam stretch.

The woes of the motorists have only increased with the widening of the road into a six-lane stretch from Kowdiar to Manmohan Bungalow and four-lane from there to Vellayambalam. Young motorcyclists use the stretch as a ‘racing track’ during peak hours. Accidents have claimed half-a-dozen lives in this stretch, the last victim being a lawyer, on Monday. Jumping of traffic signals at Kowdiar junction, entry of vehicles from Kowdiar road to Keston road and from the petrol pump near TTC junction often leads to trouble. Also, the policemen deputed at Kowdiar junction during the peak hours is not to be seen these days.

S. Anil Radhakrishnan