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Mechanic seeks patent for fan, says it gives more mileage

PALAKKAD: An automobile and heavy equipment mechanic in the district has filed for patent for his “fan on wheel,” which, he says, increases the fuel efficiency and tyre life of vehicles and is low-cost and environment-friendly.

T.P. Sivanandan of Chunanad in Ottappalam says the product derives power from the wind, accelerates the vehicle further and reduces the load on the engine. The device can be used worldwide, as it can be fitted on any vehicle.

A report published in the official journal of the Patent Office, Chennai, dated March 21, says: “The fan brings down the tyre temperature. It gives five km extra mileage over the specified mileage for light vehicles and 2 km extra for heavy vehicles.”

The product has a circular base plate where five vanes are fixed 72 degrees to each other. The air current guides the vanes to regular circular motion when the vehicle reaches a speed of 30 kmph to 40 kmph, further accelerating the vehicle with less fuel consumption. The vanes and the air current act as an external coolant to the wheels and tyres, the report says.

Mr. Sivanandan, who demonstrated his equipment on an autorickshaw, says his invention will save not only huge quantities of fuel but also help to fight against environment pollution. He has applied for an international patent, as the product has universal application.