Special Correspondent

Thiruvananthapuram: The government has published The Kerala Registration of Marriages (Common) Rules 2008 making the registration of all marriages solemnised in the State after the commencement of the Rules compulsory irrespective of the religion of the parties.

It has been specified in the notification dated February 29, 2008 that the rules shall come into force at once and shall extend to the whole of the State. The Director of Panchayats has been made the Chief Registrar General of Marriages, the Deputy Director of Panchayats and the Joint Director of Urban Affairs, the Registrars General of Marriages, and the Registrars of Births and Deaths the Local Registrars of Marriages.

Marriages the registration of which is compulsory under any other statutory provisions need not be registered under these Rules.

But marriages the registration of which is optional under any other statutory provisions should be registered under these Rules unless registered under such statutory provisions.The consequence of non-registration is the non-acceptance for any purpose of any certificate of marriage issued by any authority other than those authorised under these Rules or under any other statutory provisions.

The marriages solemnised before the commencement of the Rules have been exempted from this provision.