Staff Reporter

KOLLAM: The Kollam police have been accused of falsely implicating two autorickshaw drivers in a murder case in a bid to cover up an alleged instance of custodial brutality. The arrested persons are Mohandas and Anil Kumar. Mohandas has been booked under Section 302 (murder) of the IPC on charges of killing Sudhir, 61. The incident took place on February 14. The arrested persons operated their autorickshaws from the Puthiyakavu Temple stand near the Kollam East Police Station.

Addressing a press conference here on Friday, Mohandas’ wife Subadra alleged that he had been falsely implicated in the case. The police, however, denied the charge. Circle Inspector of Kollam East Police Station B. Prasannan Nair told The Hindu that Sudhir was killed in a scuffle with Mohandas after the latter refused to ply his autorickshaw. According to Ms. Subadra (as told to her by Mohandas), a profusely bleeding Sudhir came to the auto stand from the East Police station to be taken to a hospital. As he appeared inebriated, Mohandas refused to take him. The man fell on the road while engaged in a heated argument. The police who arrived at the scene took him to a private hospital. Sudhir was unconscious since then and died on February 27.

She said Mohandas had told her that before coming to the auto stand, Sudhir had gone to the police station in a profusely bleeding condition to lodge a complaint against two persons from a city-based private finance company who had allegedly assaulted him over a dispute pending before a court here. He abused the police alleging that they were taking sides with those who had assaulted him. This enraged the police and they allegedly beat him up.

Mr. Prasannan said Sudhir had come to the station to lodge the complaint, but since he was in a drunken state, he was advised to come the next day. He denied that Sudhir was bleeding when he came.