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It will reduce the distance from Koyilandy to Kannur

KOZHIKODE: A people’s movement is gaining momentum, demanding the construction of a bridge across the Akalapuzha, the river that separates the two grama panchayats of Moodadi and Thurayur in Koyilandy taluk.

Side by side, the existing road parallel to National Highway (NH) 47 should also be strengthened.

The action committee set up for the purpose advocates the construction of a bridge spanning 218 m over the river that would link the Moodadi, Thurayur and Thikkodi grama panchayats and strengthening of the road to ease the rush of passenger and goods traffic on NH 47 between Kozhikode and Kannur.

The distance between Koyilandy and Kannur via the proposed road would be 57.948 km when compared to the 70 km between the two centres if travelled by NH 47, the committee said.

Five block panchayats in north Malabar, 21 grama panchayats and two municipalities besides two districts of Kozhikode and Kannur would be linked through the proposed road way.

The construction of the bridge would in effect provide a parallel roadway to NH 47 from Kannur to Kozhikode, it is pointed out.

The committee said the bridge project should be included in a development scheme and implemented on an urgent basis so that a long-standing demand of the people of the region would be fulfilled.

The committee said the State government could garner funds through the Centre’s Rural Infrastructure Development Fund (RIDF) for building the bridge and improving the existing road.

Survey conducted

Though the proposal had been mooted earlier, it was only now that the feasibility of the bridge had been explored to the full through a survey conducted by a team of people from the area.

As per the survey, the existing road from Kozhikode to Kannur could be strengthened, straightened or widened wherever necessary so that a good roadway existed from Kannur town via Koyilandy-Kollam Pisharikave temple to Anakulam.

The road would also join the Mysore-Thalassery Road at Koothuparamba, thereby reducing the distance from Mysore to Kochi by avoiding Thalassery, Mahe and Vadakara.

The strengthening of the roadway would help exploit the commercial market for the hill produce of the region and enable setting up of new trade centres. Scattered pattern of roads was one hassle that plagued the transportation of hill produce.

P. Sathi Devi, MP, inaugurated a meeting held recently in this connection.