Recently, when the former Chief Secretary C. P. Nair presented the report of the committee headed by him to suggest reforms in the Kerala Education Act and Rules to Education Minister M.A. Baby, the latter described it as a “weighty contribution.” It was weighty, in more ways than one.

The 473-page report was, as one government official put it, “a weight lifter’s delight.” In fact, almost all committee reports are quite bulky, difficult to store and use up kilograms of paper. Very few committees take the trouble to produce a ‘soft copy’ of their reports. Still fewer think of putting up their recommendations on the Internet even after the reports are submitted to the government. An exception to this practice seems to be the Higher Education Council where recommendations submitted by various committees and decisions taken by the Council are posted at the council’s web site. Now, the C.P. Nair committee’s report has been posted on

G. Mahadevan