Staff Reporter

Thiruvananthapuram: The city police are hunting for a “lone thief” who is suspected to be responsible for 12 attempted break-ins and at least four successful burglaries in the Medical College Police Station area in the past two weeks.

As many as 30 burglaries (including three day-time break-ins) have been reported in the city this year till January 31.

Circle Inspector (Medical College) V. Suresh Kumar described the suspect as a “rotund, dwarfish and bald headed” man. He said the suspect’s description was given by a resident of Plamoodu who happened to see the burglar during a break-in attempt at his house last week.

The most recent burglary was at the house owned by a Gulf returnee and his wife in Elankulam. The burglar stole gold ornaments and cash kept in the couple’s bedroom. The residents became aware of the burglary only in the morning.

The burglar seemed to be targeting the houses of doctors. He broke into houses mostly by bending or dislodging window bars. Thekkumoodu Sumesh, local convenor of the government’s community policing initiative, said the local police were facing acute shortage of policemen. Joint night patrolling by policemen and citizens has also suffered.