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One panchayat in each district to get cards

Entire State to be covered under scheme in due course

Local bodies to be involved in sample collection

PALAKKAD: K.K. Divakaran, MLA, will inaugurate the preparation of the State Soil Health Card at the Community Hall of Malampuzha grama panchayat on Saturday. One panchayat in all the districts will get the cards, sources said.

Additional Director (Soil Survey) P.N. Premachandran said the card in these 14 panchayats will be issued to the farmers by March this year. The entire State will be covered over a period of time, he said.

The scheme had envisaged to collect the samples on per plot basis, Mr. Premachandran said.

Participatory mode

The samples would be collected through participatory mode with the active involvement of local self-government institutions.

In each panchayat, training would be imparted to farmers about the soil sample collection.

A kit for sample collection would also be given to the farmers.

Dr. Premachandran said for long-term sustenance in fertility and productivity, a thorough understanding of physcio-chemical properties of the soil was highly warranted.

The management practices were to be decided based on the soil nutrient status, he said.


Addition of large quantities of fertilizer than what was required according to soil test data was proving to be a disaster rather than a boon to agriculture due to its negative environment impact, Mr. Premachandran said.

Indiscriminate application of manure and fertilizer not in accordance with soil nutrient status would destroy the physcio-chemical and biological properties of the soil.

This, in turn would would affect the productivity and increase the cost of cultivation, he said.

It also destroyed the soil health in general, Mr. Premachandran said.

Soil analysis

Assistant Director of Soil Survey Department Bindu Rajagopal said the soil samples received from farmers would be thoroughly analysed for major as well as minor nutrients.

The results of the test would be communicated to the farmers in the form of the card, she said.

The card would help the farmers to identify the potentials and limitations of individual farm holdings .

This would also help them facilitate the optimal utilisation of available resources on the fields.

Both the physical and chemical properties of soil would be studied for providing appropriate recommendation on each farmer’s plot, she said.