‘Hoteltechshow & Baketechshow 08’ - a three day event will be organised in Kochi from 30 January to 1 February 2008. The twin event is a three day tradeshow of hospitality and bakery equipments technology and services. The much awaited tradeshow, laced with technology and industry seminars, is being held at Rajiv Gandhi Indoor Stadium in Kochi. Entry to the tradeshow is free. The mega event is organized by Samanuaya Communications, a leading business media firm based in Hyderabad and is being put up in association with industry organizations such as Kerala Hotel & Restaurant Association and Bakers Association of Kerala.

‘Hoteltechshow & Baketechshow 08’ aims to increase efficiency and bring in world-class quality among hotels and restaurants in Kerala. During the three-day event, over 50 leading hospitality equipments suppliers and service providers will showcase hotel, restaurant, bakery equipments and services. Seminars on hospitality management,latest innovations and energy efficient equipments and related topics will be held as part of the tradeshow.

The key objective of the event is to interface hospitality industry and bakers with modern equipments, supplies and service providers. The tradeshow will expose members of the industry to various new technologies, innovations and practices such as conservation of energy, quality and hygiene, waste and water management etc. Close to 60 hospitality and bakery equipment suppliers and service providers will be showcasing their expertise during the event.

The hotel industry in Kerala is a booming sector and its tourism is fueling Kerala’s hospitality industry’s unprecedented growth. Supported by a booming consumer market and tourism, the hospitality and bakery business in Kerala has been on a growth track for many years. Major hospitality and tourism players as well as the state government have ambitious plans to make the industry leap frog. The state is planning to attract one lakh medical tourists by 2010. The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has forecast that Kerala will record 11.6 per cent annual growth in tourism during the coming decade, the highest in the world for any tourist destination. In the year 2006, Kerala could pocket revenue in the region of Rs. 10,000 crores from tourism. As many as 4.29 lakhs foreign tourists visited the state in 2006. The number of domestic tourists visited Kerala in 2006 stands at 63 lakhs. And as such, new developments and trends are frequently taking place in Kerala’s hospitality sector. The increase in number of hotels and restaurants has amplified the competition and each player is trying to create better brand visibility with their own USPs. Increasing consumer awareness on quality, process and taste is also making hotels and restaurants to focus more on best practices and quality standards. Another major trend among restaurants is to adopt international standards and certifications. Global Standards is becoming a major factor for positioning and attracting informed consumers. Government norms are also becoming pro standardizations and certifications.

Cost escalation while managing the business and increasing standards is also pressurizing the owners to adopt as well as innovate cost saving methods such as energy efficiency and reduction of wastage. “Hotels and restaurants in Kerala need to quickly absorb world-class practices in terms of customer services and operational efficiencies. Adding value to customers and the economy through sustainable business models has become an essential element in hospitality business. Kerala Hotel & Restaurant Association has been supporting all such endeavors as this would expose the members to various cutting edge technologies available in the market”, says K.Kuriakose, president of KHRA. “Bakers in Kerala offer a unique and wide range of tastes unmatched to any part of the world. Bakery Association of Kerala is in the process of making the bakery industry in Kerala on par with world-class standards. And ‘Baketechshow’ will undoubtedly add value to the bakery sector in Kerala”, feels P.M.Sankaran, president of BAKE.

Compiled by Sunil