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Two schools in close contest for the second place in district festival

EDAPPAL: The students of PKM Higher Secondary School, Edarikode, confirmed their fifth consecutive championship in the district higher secondary school arts festival held at Darul Hidaya Orphanage Higher Secondary School, Pookkarathara, near here on Wednesday.

With the results of three more events to come on the final day on Wednesday, PKM Higher Secondary School cruised ahead of others with 133 points. S.V. Higher Secondary School, Palemadu, and H.M. Yatheemkhana Higher Secondary School, Manjeri, were locked in a close fight for the second place. SVHSS, Palemadu, had 99 points and HMYHSS, Manjeri, 98 points.

PKM Higher Secondary School, Edarikode, once again proved their supremacy in fine arts with its students winning A-grade in 28 of the 31 items they participated in. The school had a contingent of 60 students, with 34 boys and 26 girls.

With no serious contenders for the championship, the Edarikode team launched celebrations towards the evening. The following were some of the results announced on Wednesday:

Folk Dance (Men): Mithun Mohandas (MIHSS, Ponnani), II S.P. Aneesh Shankar (PKMHSS, Edarikode).

Classical Music (Men): I Jishnu S. Janardhanan (MSPHSS, Malappuram), II K.P. Anoop (Govt. HSS, Mattummal).

Guitar: I Bilahari K. (SVHSS, Palemadu), II Akhil Narayanan (PKMHSS, Edarikode).

Mridangam: I Yadu P. Dev (St. Mary’s HSS, Pariyapuram), II Vignesh Ravi (PKMHSS, Edarikode).

English Elocution: I P.K. Shehfinas (THSS, Vattamkulam).

Bharatanatyam (Women): I B.R. Sreedevi (St. Mary’s HSS, Pariyapuram), II P.K. Shakkeela (GMHSS, Calicut University Campus).

Light Music (Men): I P.K. Vaisakh (MSPHSS, Malappuram), II T. Sudheesh (Govt. HSS, Kuzhimanna).

Group Song: I K. Vignesh Ravi and party (PKMHSS, Edarikode), II N. Kuttykrishnan (Valanchery HSS, Valanchery).