Alleges deliberate delay by State

G. Karthikeyan, MLA, has alleged that the State government is deliberately delaying the appointment of ombudsmen for the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS).

In a statement here on Saturday, Mr. Karthikeyan accused the State government of deliberately weakening the implementation of the scheme. The Centre had directed the State governments to appoint ombudsmen at the district level to ensure transparency in its implementation.

“The government is deliberately delaying the appointment because it wants to conceal its failure in implementing the programme through the local bodies, a majority of which was under the control of the Left Democratic Front,” he said.

‘Political motives'

He saw political motives in the government's allegations against the Centre on the release of funds for the scheme. He suspected similar motives in the contention that the funds had been exhausted, considering the fact that the United Democratic Front had come to power in a majority of the local bodies in the just-concluded elections.

He said the government had also failed to set up the Rajiv Gandhi Bharat Nirman Seva Kendras in the panchayats as a permanent mechanism to implement the scheme.

Instead of taking appropriate action to get the funds released, the ruling front was playing politics and sabotaging a programme that provided succour to thousands of poor people.