‘Thousands of vehicles stranded’

The Anti-Corruption Movement has decried the flash strike resorted to on Tuesday by the officials of Commercial Taxes Department after a check-post employee at Walayar was suspended on charges of accepting bribe.

In a statement issued here, the movement’s Coimbatore Unit secretary N.K. Velu said that the strike lasted for over five hours and left stranded over thousands of goods and passenger vehicles, including ambulances and school buses. Besides the aged and ailing persons, several pregnant women and children were also struck.

Noting that suspension of an officer was a legal consequence of after a case had been registered under the Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988, he said the Commercial Taxes Department officials should have taken the issue of their colleague with the competent authority and that indulging in the strike was tantamount to conniving with corruption itself.

He urged the authorities to initiate stringent departmental action, including dismissal from service, against all those who had abandoned their post to support a colleague.

The losses suffered by the public during the strike must be assessed and errant officials must be made to compensate the losses.