Sancharam`Sancharam' (The Journey) is a well-knit film with an unconventional theme. It is about two young women getting attached to each other and wishes to become life-partners. But they have to contend with society's derisive and intolerant reaction to something that it considers deviant behaviour.

The girls Kiran (Suhasini V.Nair) and Dellilah (Shruti Menon) are Plus Two students who are very close friends from their childhood. Kiran is quite an introvert. In contrast, Dellilah is very popular with her classmates for the jokes she often cracks. Now in their moments of intimacy

Kiran feels sexually attracted towards Dellilah. Soon Dellilah becomes aware of this and after some hesitation reciprocates. But Dellilah remains unsure about whether they are on the right path in life. Kiran writes poems inspired by her love for Dellilah. Both of them even dream of living together. But when people around them come to know about it, there is pressure from all to break the relationship. Dellilah's family decides to get her married as early as possible.

Sensitive portrayal

The intimacy between the two girls has been sensitively portrayed. The scenes leading to Kiran's desperate and bold bid to rescue Dellilah from her home on the eve of her wedding are also striking. Sancharam is written and produced by Ligy J. Pulleppally. It is presented by Dheven and Asha Films Inc., in association with the Kerala State Film Development Corporation. In 2005, Sancharam won the Lankesh Chithra Prashasthi Award for best debutant director.

The cast includes KPAC Lalitha, Valsala Menon and Syam Seethal. Isaac Thomas Kottukappally's background score has an ethnic feel. And M.J. Radhakrishnan's cinematography is captivating which is in consonance with the theme.