The absence of an animal shelter under the City Corporation is causing concern as straying cattle are causing traffic disruptions and even knocking down pedestrians. In a recent incident, a woman was knocked down by a stray bull at Mavoor Road,

The Corporation had a system in place earlier to house the straying cattle and release them to their actual owners after charging a fine.

“However that was closed down several years ago,” said B.K. Balaraj, the Corporation secretary, who maintained that the system requires adequate and proper space, facilities to feed and employees to take care of the cattle once caught till their owners turn up, which is often after a few days.

Mr. Balaraj stated that the issue would be brought to the notice of the Corporation Standing Committee on health.. He said verifying the owner who turns up to claim the cattle is also a difficult task.

Janamma Kunhunni, chairperson of the Health Standing Committee, said that a plan was already afoot to revive the shelter. “We have already sent a proposal to the District Planning Committee,” said Ms. Kunhunni.

According to her a place for the shelter was tentatively fixed near the Fourth Gate in the city. However, if that doesn’t work, another suitable place would be found without delay, she said.

In the meanwhile, stray cattle can be seen at many road and junctions including at Arayidathupalam, Beach Road, Mavoor Road and the Moffussil Bus stand.