After having set up bio-gas plants from house waste and putting up the Kidagamparambu model of waste management, the ward is now set for another initiative of total cleanliness.

Hundreds of volunteers on January 12 will clean up all the streets and public places in the ward from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. The whole ward will be divided into four blocks and 50 squads will be on duty in each of these blocks. All the houses in the ward will participate in this novel initiative led by Alappuzha MLA, T. M. Thomas Isaac, municipality chairperson, Mercy Diana Macido, residents associations, Kudumbasree neighbourhood groups and NSS volunteers. The cleaned streets will be declared litter-free, Mr. Isaac said.

Already steps have been taken in the ward to process the waste at its source itself. More than 150 bio-gas plants were set up in the ward. Each plant takes care of house wastes from an average of four houses. Thus, 150 bio-gas plants take care of house waste from 600 houses.

Steps were also taken to set up various waste processing methods including pipe composting. The system to process waste at its source itself will be in place in all the houses of the ward by the end of this month.

Ward councillor, K. Babu, said that community plants will be set up for waste process in public places and tea stalls. The process for setting up community bio-gas plants for public places and colonies are progressing.

A service team has started functioning to provide technical assistance for bio-gas plants and other waste composting methods.

The team will also assist in separating non-degradable waste and to clean them and store it.

These non-degradable wastes will be collected on scheduled days by the municipality and shifted to the Resource Recovery Centre.

The local people along with shop owners and visitors to the ward will have to be on the alert to keep the streets which were declared litter-free clean and tidy, Mr. Babu said.

Hundreds of volunteers will clean up all the streets on

January 12.