Almost all the characters are women. This is one of the very few interesting things about the film Rakkilippattu directed by Priyadarsan. The story is built around a murder and the subsequent search for the killer. But the film fails to deliver the expected thrill. And the brand of comedy that is the trademark of several successful Priyadarsan films is also missing, probably due to the near absence of male characters in the story.

College mates Josephine (Jyotika) and Radhika (Ishitha) are bosom pals. Josephine stays in the hostel and is always up to some mischief. Radhika's parents are dead and she is with her aunt, who wants to get her married as soon as possible. But Josephine and her friend have pledged that they would get married on the same day to prove that their friendship will endure even after college.

So, Josephine devises a plan that will stop her friend's aunt from pressing for the marriage. But this leads to a situation in which a young man is murdered.

A woman IPS officer (Tabu) is assigned with the investigation of the murder. The two girls are arrested as the main suspects. They, however, manage to escape from the police station, and, after some false leads, go on to discover the identity of the real killer.

The cast includes Sukumari and KPAC Lalitha. Jeeva cranks the camera. The film is produced by Mukesh R. Mehta.