Students of the Amrita School of Engineering (ASE) at Amritapuri, near here, won the first prize in the national hybrid cycle designing and racing contest held at the University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Chandigarh, from October 12 to 14.

Results of the contest were published on Tuesday. The event christened ‘Efficycle’ was organised by the Society of Automotive Engineers in association with Maruti Suzuki. Held annually for engineering students, the event aims at devising auto technologies that would lay the foundation for the future.

The seven member ASE team, named Agraganya, won a cash prize of Rs.1,45,000 and the ASE was the only team from Kerala that qualified for the final. The contest aimed at promoting alternate greener transport solutions by developing a three-wheeled two-seat cycle capable of running on electric power as well as manual pedalling.

The names of the AES team members were given as Sidhu Suresh, Nikhil Unnikrishnan, Balagovind Kartha, Vinayak Jayapraksh, Akhilesh N, Arun N.R., and Aswin Jayaprakash.

They were guided by faculty adviser Vinod Kumar Gopal.