Valapattanam-Mahe inland waterway

Residents of Illikkunnu have submitted a proposal for an alternative route for the Valapattanam-Mahe stretch of the proposed inland waterway for the consideration of the Inland Navigation Department.

The 700-metre land surveyed by the department officials will affect nearly 30 houses and affect drinking water supply to nearly 100 families, according to local people. It also threatens a mangrove of nearly two-and-a-half acres which the State government had taken special interest in conserving, representatives of the public told the survey officials who visited the site on Thursday. They suggested an alternative route through the periphery of the Koduvally river parallel to the railway line.

The department officials said the suggested area was a roundabout route calling for high cutting across the hilly area. The present survey was conducted following a feasibility study by the National Transportation Planning and Research Centre (Natpac) when the waterway was proposed. The route suggested by the public may affect more people, as per an initial analysis. The officials said that after a detailed study the route which caused minimum inconvenience would be considered. The 700-metre stretch is considered the shortest course to connect the Dharmadam river to the Eranholi river. Out of the total estimated 58 kilometre stretch on Valapattanam-Mahe area, 32 kilometres include waterbodies. A 10-kilometre canal to connect Mahe river to Eranholi river and a 15-kilometre inland waterway connecting the Anjarakandy river and the tributary of Valapattanam river at Kakkad are the other major works.

  • Best route to be selected after study: officials

  • Route proposed by public may affect more people