People urged uproot religious fundamentalism

The government is committed to providing three cents of land each to one lakh landless people well before the next Independence Day, Revenue Minister Adoor Prakash has said.

Addressing a gathering on the 64{+t}{+h}Republic Day at District Stadium here on Saturday, he said the United Democratic Front (UDF) government’s plan was to make the State a place sans landless people.

The government had embarked on a development mission. Various welfare schemes had been implemented with foresight and in an objective manner. No sane elements would create obstacles for the government, he added.

Recalling the words of Dr. Rajendraprasad, the first President of independent India, the Minister said all citizens should dedicate themselves to making India a land where all people lived in harmony and enjoyed their freedom.

The Stat and the hill district of Pathanamthitta could be proud of making leaps in many walks of life. Sabarimala development had become a reality and the district’s development potential was immense, he said. The State was fast becoming a model to various other States in various fields, Mr. Prakash said.