Most cases of cancer results of inappropriate lifestyle: Minoti Borthakur

“Most cases of cancer are results of inappropriate lifestyle and can be prevented and controlled to a certain extent with proper diet and exercise,” Minoti Borthakur, cancer survivor and cancer awareness worker, has said. Ms. Borthakur who is in Kochi as part of a cancer awareness programme of the Rotary Club was addressing a press meet on Friday.

Following an alkaline diet could help prevent and control cancer cell growth as opposed to an acidic diet which could cause cancer cell growth, she claimed. She said that protein foods such as milk, meat and eggs should be consumed to a minimum as they promoted cancer cell growth. She also advised people to take up exercises such as Pranayams and Yoga to maintain a pure body which would have the natural immunity to fight cancer growth.

She asserted that herbs such as Tulsi, Basil, turmeric and gooseberries were all cancer deterrents and that Citrus had 10,000 times the power of chemotherapy. However, she warned that “these cannot substitute treatment in people already affected by cancer but can only aid in the healing process along with proper treatment and medication.”

Ms. Borthakur is the author of five books and her book on cancer has been translated into five languages. She provides free counselling for cancer patients.