Special Correspondent

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Dr. M.K. Jeevan, Director of Health Services (DHS), has placed the District Medical Officers and the Superintendents of government hospitals on the alert following the reporting of eight cases of heatstroke from Palakkad district.

The DHS said here on Thursday that the cases were reported from Pathiripala, Kizhakkancherry and Mannur. They were under treatment in various hospitals in the district.

The symptoms of heatstroke are severe fatigue, thirst, dizziness and blackish or reddish patches on the skin. Temperature ranging from 40 to 41.5 degree Celsius and dry wind are responsible for the condition. The body starts losing water and minerals fast with the rise in atmospheric heat and the ability to control body heat is lost.


Working and travelling under scorching sun could cause heatstroke. It could be avoided if people refrained from working between 12 noon and 3 p.m. and organised their working hours differently. Those working under the sun should also rest from time to time. Intake of boiled and cooled water, tender coconut water and rice stock with a pinch of salt could avert dehydration.

The DHS asked children, elderly persons, diabetics and others suffering from serious ailments to take precautionary measures when they walked in the sun. Those who had to walk or work in the sun should use protective things like cap or umbrella. He recommended the wearing of light coloured and loose cotton dress during the period. Overeating and consumption of liquor should be avoided.

If a person collapsed due to heatstroke he should be shifted to a shady place immediately and given drinking water. Emergency medical assistance should also be provided to him.

The DHS said that there was no need for any panic on the part of the people. They could overcome the situation if they took precautionary measures.