Staff Reporter

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Airline Operators Committee (AOC), the body of various airlines operating from the Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, has opposed the move to collect a user development fee from the international passengers flying out of the premier airport of the State.

An additional burden of Rs.755 on each passenger will have serious ramification going by the profile of the passengers using the airport, chairman of the committee R. Vijayakumar said in a statement here.

‘Erosion of traffic'

Expressing strong protest against the move to levy the user development fee, the operators committee said it was afraid that it would lead to a drop in the number of passengers using the airport in the State capital and thereby erosion of traffic as the passengers would go for cheaper options.

“The AOC feels that the move does not augur well for the sustained growth and development of the airport,” Mr. Vijayakumar said.

The decision should be reviewed for the interest of the operating airlines and for the greater interests of the passengers and travel industry as a whole, he said.