Employees of the Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University (KVASU) at Pookode launched a noble project aimed at providing financial help to improve the ongoing nutritional support programme to inpatients of the Taluk Hospital, Vythiri, in the district on Thursday.

All the employees, including teachers, non-teaching staff, and permanent employees of the university would contribute a fixed amount voluntarily every month to the programme and it would be utilised for improving the nutritional support programme of the hospital, K.P. Sreekumar, Registrar, KVASU, said.

P. Gagarin, president, Vythiri grama panchayat, inaugurated the programme. Mr. Gagarin lauded the efforts of the employees. S. Ramkumar, Director (Entrepreneurship), KVASU, presided.

KVASU staff to contribute fixed sum to inpatients of the Taluk Hospital, Vythiri, every month.