Special Correspondent

Wants police to identify ‘infiltrators from Bangladesh.’

To hold nationwide ‘college bandh’ on November 12

KOZHIKODE: Supporters of the Akhila Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishat (ABVP), BJP’s students’ wing, would block the roads in the State on November 6, demanding immediate police action to identify Bangladesh nationals who have entered the State in large numbers and to crush extremists.

ABVP State secretary P. Sudheer and national working committee member S. Sreejith announced this at a press conference in Kozhikode on Friday.

They said identifying Bangladeshi nationals in the State had become urgent since they were suspected to be behind the explosions in Assam.

“Infiltrators from Bangladesh have emerged as a major threat. They are trying to carve out a “Greater Bangladesh” by annexing border States like Assam, West Bengal, Tripura, Bihar, Mizoram, Jharkand and Meghalaya. They have entered in large numbers into these States since the Indo-Bangla border is porous and not properly guarded. There had been an increase of 14.52 per cent in population in these border States between 1991-2005 because of infiltration,” the ABVP leaders alleged.

On voters’ list

They said that since the infiltrators had been successful in getting enrolled in voters’ list they would be able to influence the outcome of elections and even to get their candidate elected to Assembly and Parliament. They had had also been successful in damaging the economy by circulating fake currency notes supplied by the ISI.

The ABVP would also organise a nationwide “college bandh” on November 12, it was announced at the press meet.