Film: Ente

Director: Rajesh Touchriver

Cast: Siddique, Anjali Patil, Lakshmi Menon, Nina Kurup

‘A never-before told true story’ reads the subtitle given to the movie ‘Ente,’ written and directed by Rajesh Touchriver, a Malayali filmmaker based in Hyderabad. Probably no one may have told a story along the same line yet as the director tries to say it in ‘Ente’ if one takes the story line strictly. But such an announcement never guarantees a long winding queue in front of the theatre for a film.

‘Ente,’ which is presented as a tribute to the “indomitable survivors of sex trafficking” has a fairly gripping story line, good actors and a seemingly okay script, with little confusion for the director of what he wants to say. Despite all these strong points, the film, which is made with a lofty intention, seems to wobble in the fixing of its cultural milieu and the behavioural context of its characters, which is important for a serious movie to connect with its audience.

‘Ente’ tells the story of a Malayali village girl, Durga (Anjali Patil), who was trapped into sex trafficking in another State. ‘Ente’ is about how she manages to escape from the hell and responds to various situations that unfold later. Durga’s cold, shattered but extremely powerful expressions convey to the audience what any man should not do to a girl or a woman. For “it can happen to your daughter tomorrow,” as the slogan of the movies warns.

‘Ente,’ which deals in a relevant topic is mostly well executed, with little nonsense. Despite its several plus points, the film fails to culturally connect to any particular audience. It leaves the audience confused if the film, despite most of its characters often speak Malayalam, is a Malayalam movie or not. They find it difficult to connect the premises of the characters in the movie with theirs for different reasons.

Though the first half of the movie is set in Kerala, it doesn’t look, sound or tastes like any known part of the State. Probably the director was preoccupied by the thought that he also has to bring out a Telugu version of the movie .

All said, ending a film at the right place, in the right way is so crucial for its overall fineness. Mr. Rajesh has done it precisely and brilliantly. Just to experience the poignancy of its ending, one can buy a ticket for ‘Ente.’

Jabir Mushthari