District Cooperative Bank poll on February 12

The election to the 21-member Board of Directors of the District Cooperative Bank, now under administrator rule, will be yet another trial of strength between the ruling United Democratic Front (UDF) and the Opposition Left Democratic Front (LDF).

The LDF is contesting the February 12 election by forming Sahakarana Samrakshana Munnani (Cooperative Protection Front) against the alleged undemocratic methods of the UDF to capture the banks using the administrators and other methods.

In their fight against the UDF, the LDF has cornered the support of Socialist Janata (Democratic) which had decided not to have any alliance with the UDF in Palakkad though they are part of the ruling front in the State.

Meanwhile, the election process will be videographed as per the directive of the High Court to avoid malpractices. In fact, the LDF had gone to court to take steps for a free and fair election. The court directed the returning officers to videograph the election proceedings.

Former presidents of the bank V.A. Ummar and C. Satheeshan belonging to the LDF alleged that 71 of their voters were illegally removed from the voters’ list and 25 new voters inducted by the UDF in a bid to capture the control of the bank.

However, the UDF leaders said the government had taken steps to have a democratically elected bank administration. During the last election, the LDF had kept out 400 primary societies out of the election process to take control of the bank. Even those societies that had seized to exist were used to vote in the election, the UDF leaders alleged.

The bank was under the control of the LDF for the last two decades. But after the UDF government came to power, the Director Board of the bank was dismissed and brought under administrator rule recently.

The LDF is fighting the election with the main campaign that the UDF has destroyed the democratic functioning of the bank and its control was taken over by the government undemocratically.

The total electorates are 543 who will elect 21 board members. There were 520 members in the bank earlier, but 23 new members were enrolled on the strength of an order of the High Court recently.

The SJD has filed nomination for one seat. Their leaders said that though the SJD is part of the ruling UDF in the State, due to the peculiar situation of Chittur in the last Assembly election the Congress leaders here are not allowing the SJD to function as part of the UDF.

So the SJD is fighting the election with the tacit support of the LDF.

  • LDF contesting by forming Cooperative Protection Front

  • Total electorate 543, including 23 new members