The invited audience at Adhyapaka Bhavan on Wednesday were in for a special treat. For one, Lokadharmi was bringing back the play Lankalakshmi to stage. One of the Ramayana trilogy plays by C.N. Sreekantan Nair, the play is an all-time favourite in Malayalam theatre.

The new design and concept worked out by Chandradasan for the play notwithstanding, the play appealed to those present on another level.

This play marked the effort by Lokadharmi to bridge the gap between theatre and audience in a new way.

The play was presented on Wednesday as a preview, as Lokadharmi is planning to stage the play for five days continuously. The entry will be restricted with tickets. Vaikom Tirunal Nataka Kalari made an attempt to establish a permanent theatre in the city way back in 2002, but it did not take off.

“We are holding talks with the corporation officials for narrowing down on the venue. We need to coordinate with other artistes also before finalising the dates,” said Mr. Chandradasan.

“We are planning to convert all plays of Lokadharmi to this mode, starting with Lankalakshmi. The attempt is to bring in audience for quality plays. Depending on the success of this experiment, more re-runs of this play or even staging other plays could be considered,” he said.