SUT Royal Hospital is established with the aim of providing certain super speciality services which are not readily available in this part of the world. The hospital is constructed in a most aesthetic manner but giving special emphasis to hygiene and many other health considerations. Inpatient rooms and other areas where patients are cared for are provided with seamless flooring, with first class vinyl. The walls are painted with antibacterial and antifungal paints. The modular theatres and intensive care areas are done in international standards and are equipped with 'state of the art' medical facilities. The hospital would initially provide the following facilities.

Advanced Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery.

The Cardiology department had the most advanced Cardiac Catheterization system, with features not available elsewhere at present. The Cardiac Surgery department had most advanced equipments in the Operation Theatre and Intensive Care Units. SUT being the first hospital to start such services in Kerala 23 years ago, the department has a long track record of experience and expertise. What makes heart care in SUT Royal special is not only because of such advanced facilities but our commitment and capability to deal with most complicated and complex problems of heart disease.

Complex Cardiac problems in Adult Patients. With open heart surgeries and angioplasties becoming very common procedures, there was an emerging group of high risk patients. These were patients who had already undergone one operation or several angioplasties and required a second open heart operation, which was comparatively a very high risk procedure. This was not routinely done in most centres. Valve replacements in patients who had already undergone bypass surgery or a repeat bypass surgery several years after the first bypass surgery were examples.

Yet another procedure not readily available was valve repair. Repair of a damaged valve was always better than replacing it with an artificial valve. But this might not be possible in all patients. There were only very few centres where valve repair was done. In SUT Royal such complex and novel surgical procedures would be made available. A reputed British heart Surgeon would be associated with these kinds of complex heart surgeries. Other novel method in bypass surgeries, such as keyhole surgery on beating heart, with full arterial grafts would also be available.

Dilatation of the major blood vessel (aorta) called aneurysm and its rupture and other complications are life threatening situations, which require complex procedures to correct them. Lately endovascular procedures with stenting are being used increasingly instead of open surgery in these situations.

SUT is one of the very few centres in India where such procedures are available and patients from all over India are being referred here for the same.

In Cardiology, in addition to angioplasty, stenting, mitral balloon valvuloplasty etc complex pacemaker implantation, implantable Defibrillators etc are also done. A special type of pacemaker, called biventricular pacemaker, may be useful in patients with heart failure and at least in some patients, it is a life saving procedure and can be used instead of heart transplantation in selected cases.

Cancer Service:

Surgical Oncology (Cancer surgery) is relatively a new speciality. Some cancers, if properly operated in the very early stage, could even be cured. Surgical Oncologists are specially trained to remove the cancerous lumps, with special care and attention, to minimise chances of recurrence and spreading. Such specialised cancer surgeries are available for both in General Surgery and Gynaecology. Availability of cancer chemotherapy, with international experts in the field, make it possible for us to give the most appropriate medical and surgical management to cancer patients.



In this department in addition to the availability of very complex surgeries on all abdominal organs, there are special facilities for complicated surgeries of liver and pancreas.

Minimally Invasive


This is yet another new speciality. Conventional surgery requires long incision, with several days of hospital care. In minimally invasive surgery, what is achieved through a big incision is done through a small tube called laparoscope. This reduces the hospital stay, pain and inconvenience to the patients. Conventionally laparoscopic Surgery was available for appendicectomy, cholycectomy, but now, this is available for all kinds of abdominal and gynaecological operations.

Bariatric Surgery:

Is an important procedure, by minimally invasive procedure. There are different kinds of bariatric procedures but essentially they all reduce weight, in abnormally obese people when all other measures fail.

As obesity and related medical problems are on the increase and there are no reliable medical measures to reduce weight in abnormally obese people, bariatric procedures are increasingly popular in the west.

Other departments which were to be started in the near future were advanced Orthopaedics and Neuro Surgery, Dr.Bharat Chandran added.

Special OfferIt is also announced that as a special offer, all patients who come for coronary angiography, would be done for just Rs.4000/- for the first 100 patients. Patients can report to SUT Royal Hospital, Kochulloor, on any day between 9 am to 5 pm.