A misstep can cost you dear

  • S. Anil Radhakrishnan
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: ‘Life is charming, do not disable it.' This is the message driven home by Railways in a short film produced by the Thiruvananthapuram Division of Southern Railway, aimed at preventing accidents caused due to acts of carelessness on the part of passengers. Several accidents have occurred of late where people have either fallen from running trains or lost their limbs while alighting from or boarding a moving train.

The four-minute film has actor Jagathy Sreekumar playing the role of a commuter who prevents a person from boarding a moving train.

“We have started screening it on closed circuit television and are planning to air it on TV channels,” a Railway official said.

Jagathy Sreekumar rushes to prevent Vinu from boarding the Kerala Express while the train is moving. Vinu, who is on the platform at Central station talking on his cell phone, does not notice that the train has begun moving. He panics and runs to board it. Jagathy tries to prevent him. In the scuffle, Vinu pushes Jagathy whose crutches fall on the tracks and his artificial leg comes off. Jagathy warns Vinu against committing the same mistake that cost him his limb. He tells him that boarding a moving train is dangerous and also punishable. The short film is directed by Kishore.

Till May this year, 54 persons have died and 22 have sustained injuries in accidents on trains and platforms. In 2009, the number of fatalities was 132 and the injured, 42. According to the Railways, 93 persons lost their lives and 89 sustained injuries in 2008.

The passengers have been advised to follow safety rules to reduce the chances of accidents on trains and platforms.

They have been told to stand behind the safety line drawn on the platform edge.

Though it may appear that these lines are far away from the tracks, one needs to keep in mind that trains create a slipstream of air around them, which can easily suck in people who come too close to the tracks.

A short film produced by Railways warns commuters against carelessness during train journeys.




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