Special Correspondent

Thiruvananthapuram: The Nagaland-Kerala Education Grid Link which was inaugurated here recently has many novelties.

It is the first formal education grid between two academic institutions located at two of the farthest States of India. It is also the first one establishing genuine end-to-end Fibre Optic link using the RailTel network with Gigabits Virtual Private Network capable of adding more institutions on to this grid.

It will connect several premier institutions and extend the education grid to every village of Nagaland.

The IIITM-K will assist in the setting up of the Centre for Advanced Informatics and Society (CAIS) in Nagaland and support capacity building and skills development through existing systems of the Village Development Board (VDB) and Communitisation.

With the support of IIITM-K linked to CAIS, national programmes like the NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning) of the MHRD, Nagaland, will work to realise the vision of inclusive education. The goal is to offer open educational opportunities in any basic courses to every person who meets the prerequisites for the study.

Through this link, both Nagaland University and IIITM-K will promote integration of education and development in various domains ranging from agriculture, healthcare, education, e-governance, ecology and environment, sustainable development, and enhancing livelihood opportunities.


This is also the first link of its kind to support education by the RailTel Corporation of India in the country.