Film: The Train

Cast: Mammootty,


Director: Jayaraj 

The plot ofThe Traincentres on the hunt for a group of terrorists who arrive by sea at Mumbai dock and plan to set off bombs at seven busy railway stations in the city.

Police detective Kedar (Mammootty) has 12 hours to nab them before they execute their plan. The movie, written, directed, and produced by Jayaraj, opens in such a manner that the viewer looks forward to edge-of-the-seat suspense and thrills. But, he is in for a disappointment. The hunt for the terrorists appears to be patched together without much imagination. They are careless enough to leave behind clues. This, coupled with Kedar's ‘powers of intuition', makes his task look very easy. Sinu Murukumpuzha and Tanu Balak handle the camera.

G. Jayakumar