Some of visitors to Painavu Hill in Idukki district come here for a jog; others choose to sit in meditation. Many, however, simply stand rooted to the spot, awed by the majestic view of the Western Ghats that the spot offers. What attracts you most to Painavu Hill is the perennial silence, the refreshing wind and the vast stretch of breath-taking beauty.

Boisterous youth from the Government Engineering College located near here are often seen walking towards the hill in the evening. Yet, as they reach the summit, they fall quiet and watch the beautiful sunset.

Even after the sunset, they stay a while longer to enjoy the surroundings. The forest here provides fresh air; the natural beauty of the hills around refreshes both body and mind. The hill, located close to the district panchayat building at Painavu, is frequented by a few locals or those who choose to spend time in the lap of the natural beauty here.

“We come here at least once a week to see the sunset. Unlike the sunset seen from a beach, one can see the sun setting atop a hill here,” said Jithu Raj, who is doing an assignment with a project of the district panchayat.

“This place should be kept intact. If more visitors come here, the serenity of the place will be lost and it will be littered with waste,” he said. 

There are a few visitors to the Painavu Hill on holidays. The natural beauty at its best is when the sun sets on a sunny day, said Rajeevkumar, a local resident.

Giji K. Raman