Chembilode panchayat achieves 100 per cent utilisation

As much as 70.94 per cent of the funds allocated was spent by local self-government institutions in the district in the 2012-13 financial year.

A review report shows that though the execution of projects started in the final months of the fiscal year, the amounts were spent successfully by March 31.

Grama panchayats spent 74.18 per cent of the total allocated amount, while block panchayats spent 80.14 per cent.

As much as 64.51 per cent of the allocation was spent by the district panchayat, and 58 per cent by municipalities in the district.

The Chembilode grama panchayat achieved 100 per cent utilisation. Anjarakandy, Pannyannoor, Mangattidam, Mokeri, Thrippangottoor, Koodali, Kolacheri, and Kurumathoor panchayats spent more than 90 per cent of the allocation.

Nearly 29 panchayats spent more than 80 per cent of the fund allocation on various projects.

Panur stood first among block panchayats by spending 97.86 per cent of the total allocation.

Among the municipalities, Mattannur achieved 65.57 per cent fund utilisation, while Kannur and Payyannur municipalities spent 65.04 per cent and 63.72 per cent, respectively.