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They are living in areas with high incidence of sea erosion

Calls for building eco-friendly sea walls

Survey report to be submitted to government

KOLLAM: District Collector A. Shajahan has said that more than 2,400 families living in disaster-prone areas along the coast in the district will be relocated soon.

He was speaking at the release of the report ‘Disaster-prone area survey of Kollam district,’ prepared by the Quilon Social Service Society, in association with Carithas India.

Difficult task

He said relocation was a difficult task as it had to be done in a way that did not affect the livelihood of the people. A majority of them were dependant on the sea for their livelihood.

It was people living in areas with high incidence of sea erosion who were being relocated, he said.

Mr. Shajahan said in many areas, people had started objecting to sea walls, especially those made with granite boulders.

In the Thanni area, a sea wall project had to be stopped owing to strong objections by the people.

He called for building eco-friendly sea walls. Using granite boulders for the purpose meant destroying the ecology of some area, he said.

In his address, society director Romance Antony said the survey report would be submitted to the State government, the Kollam Corporation and coastal grama panchayats in the district.


He said the challenge of protecting the coast from further erosion had to be addressed in the context of vulnerability reduction.