There are 20,000 alcoholics in Kerala who need urgent medical help, Alcoholics Anonymous, a global front that works among alcoholics, has said.

The anti-alcoholism group is celebrating the 55th anniversary of its presence in Kerala at Feroke Grama Panchayat Community Hall on Saturday. The group came to the State in the 1960s but has been active only since the last 20 years.

Now, there are 200 groups in Kerala, 12 inter-groups and a state committee. Disclosing the data about the number of alcoholics in Kerala needing urgent attention, the AA says even medicine cannot at times help to overcome the desire to consume alcohol but the 12- point life style proposed by the forum could help to go on without alcohol for a long time.


The formula of AA includes sharing experiences, strengths and ambitions among fellow alcoholics to find solution to the problems. Those interested in availing themselves of AA's help could contact the forum at 8590240240 or 9349610022.