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Killers likely to be “hired henchmen”: police

Call data of Vishnu’s cell phone being scanned

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The police said nearly 20 persons who witnessed the murder of Communist Party of India (Marxist) activist Vishnu at Vanchiyoor on Tuesday were shown hundreds of photographs of suspected gangsters in a bid to identify his killers.

So far, none of the witnesses (including six of Vishnu’s friends who had reportedly seen the assailants at close hand) could identify the killers from police crime records.

An official said the killers were likely to be “hired henchmen” from some other region. He said the conspirators could have hidden them in a safe house after the crime. It was also likely that the conspirators were using certain resources to monitor the course of the police investigation.

The police were verifying all those who had even the slightest dispute with Vishnu. Investigators were verifying the activities of likely suspects before and after the crime. They were analysing the call data record of Vishnu’s cell phone for possible leads.

Investigators believe that some persons who knew Vishnu’s movements and his area of operation helped the assailants commit the murder. A senior official said policemen were working round-the-clock, sometimes even skipping meals, to crack the case.