The administration of oral polio drops to 1.57 lakh children below the age of five in the district as part of the National Pulse Polio Immunisation Programme on Sunday was undertaken in a successful manner.

Health authorities said additional doses of oral vaccines were disbursed to some of the booths, which demanded more as their stock exhausted pointing out to a successful drive in the district. The details of the percent of children under the age of five who were covered under the Sunday drive in the district were being collected.

The volunteers will also visit the migrant population in the district on Monday and Tuesday to ensure the administration of oral polio drops to nearly 346 children of migrant population, who were specially targeted. A total of 1,525 booths had been set up in the district with a deployment of about 3,200 volunteers for the Sunday drive.

Earlier in the day, G. Sudhakaran, MLA, inaugurated the programme in the district at a function held at Government Women and Child Hospital, Beach here. The booths include 47 transit booths set up in major railway stations including Alappuzha railway station, bus stations and boat jetties and 30 mobile booths.

In Kottayam

Our Staff Reporter writes from Kottayam: Polio vaccine was delivered to a total of 1,27,976 children in the district as part of the Pulse Polio Immunisation programme on Sunday.

According to District Medical Officer N.M. Aisha Bhai, a total of 1,52,054 children had been registered for the programme from across the district.

Eighty four per cent of these have been administered the oral drops on the first day. During the next two days, health volunteers and officials would conduct a door-to-door visit to ensure that all registered are administered vaccination. Areas of transit zones including bus stations and railway stations will also be covered, Dr. Bhai informed.

The second phase of the programme would be held on April 15.