Ten more persons sought treatment for diarrhoea at Pulluvila CHC on Thursday, out of whom two were admitted as in-patients. The rest were sent home after treatment in the OP clinic.

Health officials said that though 21 persons had sought treatment for diarrhoea since the first case of cholera was reported, there were no additional confirmed cases of the disease.

“We have sent the stool samples of all 21 persons for culture. The results of eight samples confirm that none had cholera. But as per WHO regulations, all diarrhoea cases from a locality from where a cholera case is confirmed, will have to be treated as suspected cholera,” a senior Health official said.

Officials point out that even before the cholera case became known, on a regular day, most health care institutions in the coastal areas report at least four to six diarrhoea cases.

The district medical office has opened a control room at Pulluvila CHC.