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Engineering section authorities charged with not maintaining proper registers

Non-utilisation of funds sanctioned for the purchase of furniture comes in for criticism

Spread of chikungunya attributed to lack of hygiene in villages

Shimoga: Shimoga Zilla Panchayat president Ashok Murthy has that a special meeting will be convened to discuss alleged irregularities in the maintenance of the stock registers of scrap material in godowns maintained by the Shimoga division engineering section.

His announcement came at the end of a protracted discussion during a meeting of the panchayat on Wednesday.

Shantveer Naik, who raised the issue, said there appeared to be large-scale irregularities in the disposal of scrap as the engineering section was not maintaining proper registers.

The Executive Engineer of Sagar division claimed that there were no irregularities in the stock registers in godowns maintained by his office. However, the explanation given by his Shimoga counterpart evoked a strong reaction from the members.


The engineer said he was not in a position to give details about the scrap material because he had not been able to open the godown. The storekeeper had gone on “unofficial long leave”.

He said that he was unable to take action against the storekeeper. This angered the members.

Bheemaneri Shivappa asked whether the administration had maintained registers of properties belonging to the 29 departments coming under the purview of the zilla panchayat.

Mr. Murthy took serious note of the explanation by the Executive Engineer and said he would arrange for the godown to be opened following the required legal procedure.


The non-utilisation of funds sanctioned for the purchase of furniture for government schools, particularly in the Maidan areas of the district, came in for criticism. H.C. Basavarajappa said a cheque for Rs. 17 lakh for the purchase of the furniture was not encashed till the end of the last financial year.

The lack of precautionary measures to contain the spread of chikungunya led to a serious discussion. To Basavarajappa’s question, District Health and Family Welfare Officer Tippesh said that 42 chikungunya had been reported so far in the district.

However, members said the figure did not take into account the patients admitted to private hospitals.

Arogya Mela

B.R. Jayanth attributed the spread of chikungunya to the lack of hygiene in villages and suggested that “Arogya Mela” be held in each gram panchayat to create awareness about health and hygiene.