The role of the zilla panchayat in the selection of beneficiaries of subsidised housing and other schemes made during gram sabha meetings was discussed at the zilla panchayat meeting here on Wednesday.

Latha Shantkumar, vice-president, said gram panchayat members and panchayat development officers were ignoring jurisdictional ZP members. “We are not being invited to gram sabha meetings nor consulted before the list of beneficiaries is prepared,” she said.

She said ZP members were involved in these matters before 2009. She alleged that PDOs were fudging documents to change the names of beneficiaries selected in gram sabhas.

Gudur Bhimsen, deputy secretary, ZP, said invites would be sent to ZP and taluk panchayat members as per guidelines.

Vasant Biradar, member, said 60 vacancies of para-medical and ministerial staff in the Aurad government hospital were not filled. Officials said staff members were reluctant to serve in Aurad, and added that notifications for appointments had a poor response.

He alleged that officials in community health centre in Thana Kushnoor were demanding bribes from patients.

Ujjwal Kumar Ghosh, chief executive officer, promised an inquiry and action within a week into the matter.

Mr. Biradar said Nagoor (M) village was suffering from water scarcity. He sought action against the contractors who were awarded the tender for providing drinking water to the village.