Staff Correspondent

  • He was overpowered by police
  • The youth is a resident of Bangalore

    TUMKUR: A youth from Bangalore climbed the tower at the Tilak Park police station in Gandhinagar here on Thursday and threatened to commit suicide. He kept the Tumkur police and the people who had gathered anxious for two hours.

    Raghu (23), a resident of K.G. Halli Extension in Bangalore, said he had decided to end his life for what he alleged was the "continuous harassment meted out to him and his family members by the Yeshwanthpur Railway Police." The public alerted the police, who did not notice Raghu climbing the tower, when the youth made known his intention loudly from atop the tower. The police tried in vain to persuade him to give up the suicide bid.

    Even as the youth's attempt attracted a large crowd, the police and fire-fighters climbed atop the tower, without Raghu getting an inkling of it, and overpowered him.

    The police are questioning the youth on his claim about harassment. The Tumkur railway line comes under the jurisdiction of the Yeshwanthpur Railway Police Station and the Tilak Park police station is close to the railway line here.