From building a Braille phone to building a robotic arm for polio patients, several innovative products and ideas were shared by 20 young innovators at the MIT Technology review conference conducted by EmTech India here Tuesday.

Presentations included various topics, some of which focused on achieving sustainability through the use of various chemistries in batteries, use of nanoparticles for medical applications. One of this year’s winners and young innovators, Abhishek Syal, who invented a technology that would enable a visually challenged user read a map and diagram, said: “In 2006 I visited a school for the blind in Chandigarh and saw the teacher teach these children about the water cycle. I wondered how they would learn it on their own and decided to work on this project.”

Some of the members in the audience who interacted with the innovators were impressed by the diversity in the innovations. Kumar Shiralagi, a venture capital investor, said: “The event is a good place to learn about the technologies and where they are stand as of now.”