Hitherto, Kannada film-makers were only remaking Hindi films

The Kannada film industry, which was, hitherto, remaking films made in Bollywood and other languages, has now set its sight on Bollywood.

Film-maker Yogaraj Bhat is preparing for his Hindi debut and producer-actor Rockline Venkatesh is signing a deal to produce a film in Hindi.

According to producer-actor B. Suresh, who is producing the film for Yogaraj Bhat, the script has been finalised and multi-lingual actor, Kannada’s own Prakash Rai, dons a prominent role.

“The search is on for a male and female lead, which will be finalised soon,” he said.

With this, Mr. Yogaraj Bhat’s life-time dream to direct a Hindi film will be realised soon. “We are in search of a hero with a dark complexion to suit to the role,” he said.

The film is about commercialisation of education. “But it will not be preachy. The script will be suitable for a Bollywood audience. The story will be narrated in typical Yogaraj Bhat style,” he added.

Mr. Rockline Venkatesh has signed an agreement with Rohit Shetty of the “Chennai Express” fame to remake in Hindi the Tamil blockbuster “Soodhu Kavvum” by Nalan Kumarasamy released this year.

Speaking to The Hindu , Mr. Rockline Venkatesh said that he has procured the rights of the film for its Hindi and Kannada versions.

“Mr. Rohit Shetty was also interested in remaking the film in Hindi and I offered to join. The film is being made jointly by Rohit Shetty Productions, Rockline Entertainment Private Limited and A & P Productions,” he said.

“I am elated, as this is the first Bollywood film being made under our banner. Once casting is over, shooting will commence,” he said. “Later, I am also planning to do the same film in Kannada,” he added.

  • Yogaraj Bhat to direct a Hindi film produced by

    B. Suresh

  • Rockline Venkatesh to remake a Tamil blockbuster in association with Rohit Shetty