Party leadership to study all aspects before taking a call

The Bharatiya Janata Party central leadership, which has begun a damage-control exercise after Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa became the target of the Opposition for favouring his kin in land allotment, is expected to take a decision on whether to allow him to continue in the post or not.

A senior leader of the BJP State unit said the Central leadership was seized of the issue.

According to him, the Chief Minister may be summoned to Delhi again for further consultations with central leaders. “The party wants to arrive at a decision based on practical considerations and does not want to act under pressure,” he said.

The party leadership is assessing the situation with respect to the impact that any decision could have in the ensuing zilla and taluk panchayat elections and the mood of its cadre, among other things. Another major factor being assessed is the caste combination, as Mr. Yeddyurappa belongs to the dominant Lingayat community.

Meanwhile, Mr. Yeddyurappa, during his interaction with the party central leadership, is learnt to have refuted the charges that he violated norms while granting land to his family members. He is also learnt to have asserted himself by pointing out that the party came to power in the State under his leadership.

According to sources, the party central leadership is now caught between the problem of protecting its image on the one hand, in the wake of series of allegations of land scams, and ensuring that any decision taken by it will not lead to destabilising its first-ever government in the south on the other.

‘No change'

Meanwhile, BJP senior leader and Minister for Higher Education V. S. Acharya on Saturday said: “as of now, there is no question of leadership change”.

He said: “Mr. Yeddyurappa continues to be our leader, and there is no truth in the reports that he is being changed.”

Dr. Acharya said: “BJP Central leaders have obtained some information from Mr. Yeddyurappa regarding the allegations against him and the media reports in this regard. They may seek some more information by this evening and tomorrow. But as of now, leadership change is not before us.”

He maintained that the allegations that Mr. Yeddyurappa had favoured his family members through allotment of industrial and residential lands besides indulging in denotification of acquired land, had not affected the party's credibility. “A majority of the people in the State are unconnected with these charges and are not bothered about it as they are happy with the welfare measures being taken up by the Yeddyurappa Government,” he remarked.

  • ‘The party wants to arrive at a decision based on practical considerations'
  • Charges have not affected party's image, says Acharya