Former CM is not allowing the Congress to carry out welfare activities: Ganihar

Terming the ongoing dharna by KJP chief B. S. Yeddyurappa anti-Muslim and mere political gimmick, Congress district general secretary S. M. Patil Ganihar has said that the former Chief Minister neither launched welfare schemes for Muslims when he was the Chief Minister nor is allowing the Congress government to help poor Muslims.

Addressing presspersons here on Wednesday, he criticised Mr. Yeddyurappa for staging dharna in the well of the house during the Assembly session, opposing the scheme ‘Shaadi Bhagya’ launched by the Congress for Muslims. Stating that ‘Shaadi Bhagya-type scheme was not new, Mr. Ganihar said that ‘Tali Bhagya’ scheme which was launched during Ramkrishna Hegade government still existed.

“The former Chief Minister is opposing the scheme because it has been launched for poor Muslims. This clearly shows that Mr. Yeddyurappa cannot digest any scheme launched for the welfare of poor Muslims,” he said. He said when Mr. Yeddyurappa was CM, he offered huge sums of public money to the Maths of his choice, without giving any funds to the Muslim religious institution. “When he was generously offering tax payers’ money to Maths, Muslims did not oppose it, then why is Mr. Yeddyurappa opposing when the Congress government is offering marginal financial help to poor Muslims,” he asked.

On the allegations of Mr. Yeddyurappa that the Congress did not respect him and did not care for his agitation, Mr. Ganihar shot back stating that Mr. Yedyurappa never gave a damn to the demands of the Opposition when he was Chief Minister in the BJP government. He also accused the former Chief of lowering the dignity of the house.

  • Yeddyurappa opposed the ‘Shaadi Bhagya’ scheme in the well of the House

  • ‘Yeddyurappa cannot digest any scheme launched for the welfare of poor Muslims’