Staff Reporter

BANGALORE: Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa was admitted to a hospital late on Wednesday night. Sources in Sagar Hospital, Jayanagar, where the Chief Minister spent the night maintained that his health was stable and that his visit was a routine one.

Sources in the hospital said that Mr. Yeddyurappa was slated to turn up around 5 p.m. but did not come till much later. He walked in to the hospital and checked into the ‘presidential suite’ to undergo multiple routine tests, hospital sources said.

However, sources in the BJP said that upon returning from a personal visit to Kerala, the leader had said that he was feeling tired. Party sources also said that the Chief Minister might be suffering from food poisoning, and that he was scheduled to be discharged on Thursday morning. According to the Chief Minister’s secretariat, he is slated to participate in some four official functions, including the inauguration of an ICU unit and a 24-bed special ward at Bowring Hospital early on Thursday.