Pradeepkumar Kadkol

GP contestants supplying water by drilling borewells

Some are supplying water from their friends' farms

Bijapur: With only six days left for the gram panchayat elections in the district, contestants in Bijapur district are dumping the age-old practice of arranging liquor parties for men and providing gifts to women voters, and are adopting several novel techniques.

Since the villages in the district suffer from acute shortage of drinking water during summer, some candidates are supplying drinking water to voters.

Drilling borewells

A candidate in Devar Hipparagi Assembly constituency drilled three borewells to supply drinking water to voters in his area by spending Rs. 3 lakh.

The candidate has also reportedly assured the people that pumpsets would be installed to all the three borewells after he wins the elections.

Another candidate in the same constituency has taken steps to drill two borewells and has assured to install pumpsets to them after winning elections.

Some candidates, who could not spend huge amounts on drilling borewells, are supplying drinking water to their voters by installing pipelines from the borewells in private farms of their friends and relatives.


A candidate in Bellubbi village of Babaleshwar Assembly constituency has installed a pipeline from the farm of his friend and is supplying drinking water to voters in the village.

He decided to supply drinking water from his friends farm as supplying the water from his farm would amount to violation of model code of conduct.

These candidates opine that the people in villages were fed up with false assurances of authorities concerned to solve drinking water problem and if steps were taken to solve their long pending demand, voters would definitely elect them.