An inebriated group celebrating India's win against Pakistan and waving saffron flags, allegedly molested and assaulted two women BPO employees in the Attavar area of the city on Wednesday around 11 p.m. “for being out so late”. A case has been registered.

Requesting anonymity, an eyewitness said that the women were being dropped off home after work when their car was stopped by the inebriated mob. Some of the men asked the women what they were doing out so late.

“The girls were told to get out of the car and shout Bharat mata ki jai and dance (with the men). When they refused, one of them was assaulted, resulting in a bleeding nose,” the witness said.

“The same ideology which beat women for “drinking and dancing” during the pub attack ordered these women to dance and assaulted them for refusing to do their bidding. It was as if India had won a war and everybody should celebrate it,” the witness said.

According to another source who requested anonymity, the driver managed to call his employer, who arrived at the scene in another car. The second car then dropped the two women to their houses.

Driver beaten up

However, when the driver of the first car headed towards the office of the BPO, the mob recognised the vehicle and obstructed it again near Navbharat Circle. The driver was pulled out and beaten up. When the driver's employer came to his rescue, he too was assaulted by a group of around 15 to 20 people. The pair was rescued by the police, who happened to be passing by, the source said. Both vehicles were damaged by stone-throwing.

Police complaints

Inspector for Mangalore South Thilakchandra said the driver of the vehicle had alleged that the women were molested that night. He added that neither of the women had come forward to lodge a complaint yet. Police have registered a case against five or six persons under Section 341 (wrongful restraint), 323 (causing hurt), 324 (assault with weapons), 354 (molestation), and 427 (causing damage) read with Section 149 of the Indian Penal Code.

  • Two BPO employees were being dropped off home after work
  • The mob asked them to dance; they refused