Winning Android puzzle had the Sherlock edge

A group of young Bangalore-based technology professionals bagged the first place for ‘Math Puzzler' application they developed at the Global Android Dev Camp 2012, Android Hackathon.

The event was held in Bangalore last weekend.

After being voted to continue with its idea, the group developed the puzzler over the 48-hour hack event held simultaneously in 27 locations around the world, including Chennai, Trichy and Goa.

The group won from among 14 teams and 80 participants. The judges were Ajmal Saifudeen, director, Technology, Saggezza India Private Ltd., and Sundi Natarajan, member, India Angel Network.

The five-member team consisted of Jayesh Salecha, Vijesh Salecha, Manjunath K., Manjunath R.V. and Kunal Kant. The application targets math geeks, teenagers, and mystery enthusiasts.

What it's about

The player finds out that Sherlock Holmes, the famous fictional detective created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, is scouting for an intern. He can get into Holmes' team if he solve a math puzzle by rearranging the numbers inside white cells. The player has to solve 10 puzzles to complete the game, which offers ‘newbie' and ‘expert' modes.

The group decided to make the game different because “all math applications have a similar look and feel”. This one focussed on engaging the player so that he/she would not abandon the game midway. The group wanted to build a story and a theme around the puzzle to give it the feel of a mystery that unfolds at the end of each puzzle, egging the player on.

Jayesh Salecha, a member of the winning team, explains what gave them the edge: “Even though the application has a simple interface, it is interactive. It creates mystery at each level and encourages the player to go on.”

The event, streamed live on www.blrdroid.org, was organised in Bangalore's Indian Institute of Information Technology with over 100 Android developers and 14 teams competing in it. It was organised by the three-year-old Bangalore Android User Group. It is the largest Android user group outside the U.S. with over 1,650 members on its Meetup group, says Soham Mondal, a member.

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